As the exclusive distributor and service centre for Dana Spicer Off-Highway Systems, The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division stock the largest inventory of genuine Clark-Hurth units and parts in Canada.

We offer a wide range of Dana Spicer transmission series, each designed with features and options specific to application requirements. From smaller-powered equipment to severe heavy-duty machinery, Clark-Hurth Components' transmissions are equipped with the horsepower, features and options for maximum vehicle performance and productivity. All remanufactured transmissions are dynotested under load conditions to ensure a long, productive working life.

HR Model

The HR Series is an integral transmission and converter assembly mounted directly to the engine. As a single compact package, it minimizes external piping and eliminates a drive shaft.

MHR Model

The MHR Series is an integral transmission and converter assembly mounted remote from the engine. This assembly allows for installation flexibility while minimizing external piping.

R Model

The R Series is a remote-mounted transmission with an engine-mounted converter. This allows for flexibility of the transmission installation.