Gear Centre Off-Highway Expertise

With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality remanufacturing service in the market. We invest heavily in training and specialty tooling to stay on the leading edge of technology and to support our customers. That is why ZF, Dana Off-Highway and many other component manufacturers have appointed us as the exclusive authorized service centre for their powertrain components in Canada.

Mobile Diagnostic Testing

The Gear Centre Off-Highway offers full mobile diagnostic and trouble-shooting capability for all modern electronically controlled transmissions. Our factory trained technicians utilize electronic diagnostic technology in our remanufacturing and testing processes to ensure quality standards are continually updated and met. We use the latest Testman Software from ZF which allows us to trouble-shoot, test, data-log and program virtually all makes of ZF transmissions. Our “Dashboard” Dana software gives us the ability to trouble-shoot and test the latest TE powershift transmissions. Our non-authorized competitors cannot make these same claims.


Dyno-testing of all our remanufactured units is part of our ISO 9001:2008 quality control program. Transmissions and torque converters are calibrated and tested under application conditions with the use of a load cell. Hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electronically controlled valve bodies are also tested on one of our many specialized test stands. Our clutch simulators enable us to dyno-test many of today’s automated transmissions that utilize a dry clutch assembly. We have even adapted our test stands to dyno various axle & transfer case assemblies in order to ensure reliability and functionality. Many of our OEM and large fleet customers see the benefit in knowing that a fully dyno-tested unit is going to calibrate and operate flawlessly in their machine.

The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division has ready-to-go exchange transmissions, transfer cases, mixer drives, torque converters and differentials. All remanufactured units carry the same warranty as factory units and are available for immediate delivery.